Thursday, November 3, 2011


So it's been about a week since I've introduced the new method of sleep, "THE BED".
It's been very positive, He's been falling asleep with no rocking or fussing, we basically get in and do some relaxing.   I  hum or sing a few of his favorite lullabies, and before I know it he's snuggling next to be fast asleep. There have been sometimes where he's more excited and thinks it's all a big game, so I explain it to him that here in his bed we relax and do "doe, doe".  
He LOVES his room now, he's always in it, he goes there to play or just to chill on his carpet. It's so nice to see his room is now HIS room, not only in theory!!!

I have also been able to ween him off the breast milk!!!!!!!!! YES you all heard right, Lewis is finally weaned!!!16 months not bad. Not bad for this longer method of letting the child sort of decide. I basically one night offered him the bottle instead of the breast and he took it!!! I guess with all the newness he experienced this too was a new thing he was OK with. It went well, my boobies, not so well.  They were so swollen still are and I just started drinking sage tea to help with the engorgement, It's helping! He'll still ask for it from time to time, the other day,  during an afternoon nap he was awoken too early and he kept pointing and asking for breast milk.  I explained mommy has no more milk, and offered the bottle, he cried a little and then took the bottle and went back to sleep.
It's always a little sad for both parties, I think if it doesn't stop somewhere it'll go on forever!!! We still do lots of cuddles and snuggle up close like we use to do while breastfeeding. I hope it helps. He'll eventually forget, so they say. lol  I'm guessing he'll be a future "breast man" !!!

Look for my up coming blog on POTTY TRAINING!!! (it's never too early)

Ciao for now,


  1. Nice to hear the little guy is becoming more independant:) Thank you for sharing the growing process and making it easier for new mommies:)! Keep up the great posts!:)

  2. Though I'm single I must admit it is not easy being a mother. I respect every woman that cares for her little ones.