Saturday, July 9, 2011

where is mommy???

Finally after a full year i can say i'm finally finding myself!
After feeling trapped in this woman's body, deformed from childbirth and still carrying around what i'd like to call baby weight, is a body that lost it's spirit. Once there was a spirit, one which had carefree nights without worry and structure or routine for that matter! NOW after such a long time I can honestly say I'm feeling like my OLD self again, or is it a NEW self??? Whatever it is,  being a mommy is,  and well was,  really hard for me.  I thought by abandoning myself to being a mom would be the best thing for my baby, and now as he gets older I realize that the mom he needs is one who can be a roll model . I need to be tip top, and feeling great about myself (so much pressure I tell you)  A couple of months ago I made the decision of getting back to my healthy weight, my healthy ways and my healthy attitude of taking things with stride.
WHY did it take me soooooooo long???
Well the important thing is that I'm here now and doing all the work it takes to be great on the outside,  so I can be great on the inside. Does that make sense? Well if I didn't feel good about me,  I wasn't much fun to be around (that's no fun for kids now is it!!!)- OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER!!!  I've began my journey back to ME so I can share all the good things with my boy! It makes mommy and little Lewis a whole lot happier!!!

My words of advice to my new moms.... get back on track soon....   Get that expensive haircut you so  deserve or that massage your body is in dire need of,  get the membership at the gym you wanna cut from your budget, or better yet get them ALL!!!!

I waited too long .....
the feeling is sooooooooooooo rewarding.