Friday, October 28, 2011


Thanks to fellow mommies, I have been able to get loads of information we mommies need!!!
A mommy friend Enza,  introduced me to a special mommy blogger.  Reading one of Jenn's many blogs,
I read this post, and went on to read the comments people left and came across this link:
So I started my research and read up on anything I could find on the Montessori bed method. I immediately fell in love with this. It got me in the right place, it felt right.
With  all this new information, off to Ikea we went.
With a few key items, I was able to figure out a way of making Lewis's room fun and a haven where he's able to play and more importantly sleep in!!!  We purchased a twin bed which I placed in the corner of his room and amazingly I was able to introduce a new, safe, independent way for sleep!  YAY! 
Lewis loves it! I made sure to baby proof the whole room, and to have his things at his level, toys and books are  accessable and he's able to get in and out of  his bed when he wants. He was in and out of the room the whole day while I was setting it up. Put in a few stickers along his walls, and poof the room was transformed! Just like that!  Previously his room was literally unused, it was a room we called the baby room but with the cage like crib and everything so untouchable it was unwelcoming to this baby, for play and most of all for sleep. 
The first night was the real test, as I explained in a previous blog, I rock him in his stroller to fall asleep to try and cut the " falling asleep at the breast"  ( so my fear was that if I had him next to me on the bed he would automatically ask for my breast. He didn't !!! I set him on the bed with his bottle and  lay next to him, he finished drinking and looked around,  I  just watched (and prayed) slowly he began to snuggle next to me, he tossed and turned,  sat up and looked some more. Before I knew it he was lying next to me fast asleep . How amazing ! It took about a half hour, hey I could live with that! No more stroller rocking indoors!!! The next test nap time when it's day light out and it's full time play- I used the same technique and IT WORKED!!! A total of roughly 30 mins. and he was in la la land once again!
Such a wonderful thing and I can sleep next to him when he wakes up at night . So happy I discovered this, and introduced it into our lives. I'll definitely keep you posted on the routine of it all...  It's so new right now !
So exciting to enter new fazes with these amazing beings we call kids! 

Here are more pics of the famous Montessori method:
and a few of my own! 

So exciting!


  1. The room is so cute:)! I'm so glad he's excited about it:)!!! Big boy now-he has his own room;)!!!<3
    As always Laura I really enjoyed your post:)!!

  2. The bedroom looks great! And thanks for the shout out! :)

  3. I love the room Laura!!! Looks so inviting, I am so happy that Lewis is enjoying it now

    Big kiss