Monday, January 31, 2011

Lets get angry!!!

So many topics come up on a regular basis, and this one is one of my favs. The only thing is I'm so passionate about it that I've had to sort of repress my feelings and beliefs  for fear of being the health Nazi! 
I can't help it, once I started researching foods, chemicals, and procedures,  it was only a matter of time that I went ORGANIC.

That famous word..... somehow  today it seems to be used to describe one too many things! What is the real meaning behind this crisp, clear word?   What does ORGANIC really mean?
Well here it is :
ORGANIC is no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.   No antibiotics, genetic engineering,  or irradiation, and my personal favorite, NO use of sewage sludge as fertilizer. 
ALL organic meats are 100% organic fed, free of growth hormones, and animal by-products. 
Btw GMO or genetically engineered  foods are PROHIBITED in some countries but not in Canada! AND we don't know what is or isn't modified, but trust me when i tell you that through my research i have learned at most foods are!!! 
take a look at the chart scroll down there is a looong list of foods:

Why is this allowed???  $$$$ money I guess.  Yes our grocery stores are filled with  these foods.  The ones we buy to nourish our families, so they may grow healthy,  make any sense? NO- but it's because most people are not aware and I don't blame them, who tells us that water in  plastic bottles is harmful? Really, where do you hear that cheddar cheese is really NOT orange , that it's the same chemical dye they use  to  preserve dried apricots. They don't mention that those small carrots you buy cleaned are eroded in acid to help shape them.  No one tells you that the meat you get on sale, has been fed animal by products and cement.  The government won't tell you that it radiates our fruits and vegetables so their shelf life is extended, and at the same time they consume the excess radiation they have sitting in huge barrels. 
Ever wonder about milk? How many cows should there be to supply ALL the stores you can purchase milk in!!!!  Really think about it for a sec.  Supermarkets,  gas stations,  walmarts,  local stores, even pharmacies!!!
Just how many cows does it take? Not  that many, they just pump them with hormones so they produce milk faster so they may meet the demand..... then those hormones get transfered to us,  remember 
"milk- does the body good".  
What part?  See why I can't get on this topic.....???
Really  all I'm trying to say without sounding like a total freak,  is know what you are buying, and if you don't read labels -start, and if you can't read it- don't eat it!!!!  If not for you,  for your babies.
So the next time you find cantaloupes or tomatoes or that flank steak on sale, wonder for a minute why so cheap?

Eye opener ?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things I love and won't live without !

I get lots of my mommy friends asking me, what do I love and use all the time? What do I use for emergencies, and what can't I live without! So here are a few things  I really love... both for baby and me!

I find lots of babies I meet have an eye cold, the runny eye that just never goes away. Here are a few remedies that worked for me: 
breast milk- put a little breast milk in both eyes, always do both eyes.
chamomile tissane - place the bag of tissane, once cooled, over babies' eye and wipe gently, (chamomile is  antibacterial )
collodial silver -both a great product for baby and for the whole family!!!  An amazing product i swear by, just one drop and Lewis's mucus filled eye cleared up in just 2 hours!!! Again always put in both eyes. If ever your feeling under the weather you can place a dropper full of liquid in your mouth, let sit for a couple of secs before swallowing. It's a wonderful immune booster and great for sore throats!!

During this cold season I was on the hunt for a disinfectant, something so that if I caught a cold or my hubby did, we wouldn't pass it on to Lewis. So here are a few tricks at keeping the air, and sheets clean of germs!!
I make a little concauction of tee tree, lavender, silver collodial, and steralized water. Put 5 drops of each essential oil , 10  drops of the silver stuff in a spay bottle and fill the rest up with sterilized water. I use this spray to clear up the room, refresh the sheets and just give that soothing  home smell... clean and relaxing all in one! ( if you find the scent too strong put a few less drops) * recently I started adding thyme oil as it's a decongestant and it smells oh so good!

You all now know how much i love my mabu cloths, if not view blog on "you know you need a vacation when..."

White clay is the next multipurpose thing I love. I've used it on rashes, mosquito bites (remember girls!!!)
as a mask, on burns. almost anything you want to remove inflammation from.  I've even used it as butt powder! (talc is sooooooooooooooo bad for babies). You can get some in most health food stores different clays for different properties, white , green, I personally love this white one for now and I'll let you know on the others when I try them. Basically add a little water mix into a paste and apply to affected area.

Probiotics for baby, I've used this often especially because Lewis was a c-section baby, he got none of the bacterias that babies delivered vaginally get, the good stuff that builds their immune system. So he took them from the very beginning and now whenever he has the runs or is not feeling 100% I give him some to bring him back to the amazing baby he is! Great stuff for the whole family!!!

Thanks to a good ol' friend of mine,(the kind that is always present in your life),  I drink coconut water almost every morning.   It gives me energy refreshes and hydrates all at the same time, really a miracle product.  I am soooo glad she introduced me to it ! (Thanks sandr!!!)  Along with the coconut water there is the oil, which makes a great cooking oil, but a better body lotion!!!! Again something super natural you can put on your baby and you of course, I leave a big pot of it in the shower so when I'm done, still kinda dripping wet, I put some all over then pat dry and voila soft moisturized skin with a hint of the Caribbean to lift your spirits-man! LOL
I just read an article on how good coconut products are for you. To take internally and topically.

BIO93 from Dr. RECKWEG homeopathic  drops to build up the immune system, just a few drops a day especially in the winter is a miracle saver. Safe for both adults and children!

Thats  it for now i think it's enough info to absorb and sort through, if I think of anything else I will add on to this and pls feel free to ask, sometimes some things slip my mind!!!!

                                          hope some of this helps,

Monday, January 10, 2011

you know you need a vacation when.....

When your next blog is about cloths...
Yes cloths, mabu cloths!!!!
I am excited about a cloth that I randomly picked up at my local heath food store that does not smell, that is odorless.
It can be used all over, bathroom,  kitchen,  even your face!!! It  is 100% natural , it DOES NOT STAIN, stays soft and white, it's nice and thick, and did i say DOES NOT SMELL..... i mean no garlic, no onion, does not smell, no moldy smell!!!! Something you will willingly wipe you tiny trikes faces' with and be proud!!! It's naturally bacteria resistant, and to make things better they come in a pack of 3 and each one has a different colored trim so it's easy to know which one is being used where.
I know it sounds nuts ~ I sound like an infomercial! Crazy, excitement over a dish cloth.
Yes, it's fantastic, the best 8$ I've spent in awhile.
Oh oh oh I almost forgot,  machine washable too!! They're killing me,  I LOVE IT ...One last thing,  it's made from wood and from what I read on their site no trees suffered to make these amazing cloths....  The best part of why i'm so excited is i'm gonna try the bum test.   I hate using wipes on Lewis,  those chemical filled tissues we keep wiping our babies bottoms with, hate! hate! hate! them . I kept asking myself  what can i use that won't stain , that can easily clean up this kinda mess and poof I found it!!!! I will test it out and let you know if it works, and if it does, wow I'm onto something!!!

So stay tuned for my wiping updates but for now either go out and buy some or e-mail me i'll get them to ya, or go online and see for yourself. Moms this is an amazing product and why aren't moms telling other moms!!!!??? I'm starting the mabu revolution here. Stand back !