Friday, November 11, 2011

Last Days....

These are the last couple of days before the real cold hits and well we won't be visiting the park as often, probably not at all for a long while. Winters are so ooo ooo ooo long here in Montreal, It seems never ending!
Exactly why I really took advantage of my summer! We were at the park twice a day, having fun, swinging,  sliding and meeting other kids!!! But- it doesn't mean we have to stay indoors all winter. Last winter I was out almost every day, except those really -35 cold days,  but other than that I would get Lewis all wrapped up and off we went. The outdoors do wonders for both mommy and baby, the fresh air , seeing other people and just getting out of the house and changing the scenery helped soooo much.  This year will be different, Lewis won't be strapped to me all nice and snuggled in my coat.   I'm sure Lewis will want to walk and play in the snow for the first time! This will be a new adventure for us both!  I'm looking forward to seeing his face on the first snow fall, and the wonder in his eyes when he gets to touch snow! So many new and wonderful things to look forward to.

It`s a scary thought for a new mom, to be stuck inside all winter with a baby or toddler !!!  What will I do?? How will the day go by?? Will he get bored?? Will I get bored??  All questions I asked myself last fall when the cold started to hit, and well it really wasn't that bad. Begin by setting up a routine...
Wake up
a little relax time slowly coming out of sleep, we would read together in my bed. then
as I prepared something for us to eat I set him in his chair with a few toys, most of the time he wanted a spoon and bowl!( a real chef I tell you)
We eat
then some relaxing on the couch with his favorite toys or even a favorite cartoon! ( you heard me sometimes it's the only way, I love Handy Manny -now LOL)
Nap time
the beauty of babies is that they nap a lot,  so before I knew it we were back in bed all cozy!
Up and dressed  then
we would have lunch and off we went out into the cold, all nice and bundled and warm! We would stay out for about an hour of so.
Come home
snack time with more play time
Cooking Lessons
I would put Lewis in his chair and cook up our supper , he loved watching me.  I would make him smell everything, garlic, tomatoes, onions, carrots, basil, he loved it.He would have fun playing with all the food .
we would eat , clear up and a little more play and then it was bed time routine.
Bath, story time , lullaby and nighty night for Lewis
and the couch for me,  EXHAUSTING I tell you! Well worth it!
The routine helped cuz I knew exactly what came next and so did Lewis so it made for 2 happy souls!

I really enjoyed it , make the best of it- it passes oh so fast before you know it you`ll be swinging your baby from the swing again wondering when he became a toddler!


  1. Laura! Really enjoyed your post and your pics!!! Beautifully done!

  2. thanks di oops i mean ``oney``

  3. Laura beautiful blog love!!! The last paragraph is a little sad as I see how fast they grow...we need to cherish every moment. Very cute pictures :)


  4. Enza you gotta believe me when i say i freaked -i was like this is my boy no more baby-ness in him..... cherish it, holding her, rocking her, all of it. It'll be different, just as wonderful, but different!
    big kiss to you and T