Monday, January 10, 2011

you know you need a vacation when.....

When your next blog is about cloths...
Yes cloths, mabu cloths!!!!
I am excited about a cloth that I randomly picked up at my local heath food store that does not smell, that is odorless.
It can be used all over, bathroom,  kitchen,  even your face!!! It  is 100% natural , it DOES NOT STAIN, stays soft and white, it's nice and thick, and did i say DOES NOT SMELL..... i mean no garlic, no onion, does not smell, no moldy smell!!!! Something you will willingly wipe you tiny trikes faces' with and be proud!!! It's naturally bacteria resistant, and to make things better they come in a pack of 3 and each one has a different colored trim so it's easy to know which one is being used where.
I know it sounds nuts ~ I sound like an infomercial! Crazy, excitement over a dish cloth.
Yes, it's fantastic, the best 8$ I've spent in awhile.
Oh oh oh I almost forgot,  machine washable too!! They're killing me,  I LOVE IT ...One last thing,  it's made from wood and from what I read on their site no trees suffered to make these amazing cloths....  The best part of why i'm so excited is i'm gonna try the bum test.   I hate using wipes on Lewis,  those chemical filled tissues we keep wiping our babies bottoms with, hate! hate! hate! them . I kept asking myself  what can i use that won't stain , that can easily clean up this kinda mess and poof I found it!!!! I will test it out and let you know if it works, and if it does, wow I'm onto something!!!

So stay tuned for my wiping updates but for now either go out and buy some or e-mail me i'll get them to ya, or go online and see for yourself. Moms this is an amazing product and why aren't moms telling other moms!!!!??? I'm starting the mabu revolution here. Stand back !


  1. so i had a full day of mabu cloth cleaning and it works, what i did was run it under warm water ring it and left it by the change table then when i was done wiping up i would rinse it with warm water a touch of baby soap and poof it was clean and ready to go for another round. I loved it and i must confess some of the tests were messy ones and the cloth stood up to it all!!!! i also left one in the kitchen for clean ups after meals and much better than paper towels i used it to wipe his face, hands the highchair, and then i rinsed again in warm water and a little soap and it was ready for the next meal. this is fantastic and think of all the money you can save on wipes!!!!! so much better for the environment and our babies tops and bottoms, they are amazing. every new mom needs a couple of these. wow i'm really on to something!!!

  2. Running out to buy some:)!!!! Thanks New Mom:)!!!!xoxooxoxoox