Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things I love and won't live without !

I get lots of my mommy friends asking me, what do I love and use all the time? What do I use for emergencies, and what can't I live without! So here are a few things  I really love... both for baby and me!

I find lots of babies I meet have an eye cold, the runny eye that just never goes away. Here are a few remedies that worked for me: 
breast milk- put a little breast milk in both eyes, always do both eyes.
chamomile tissane - place the bag of tissane, once cooled, over babies' eye and wipe gently, (chamomile is  antibacterial )
collodial silver -both a great product for baby and for the whole family!!!  An amazing product i swear by, just one drop and Lewis's mucus filled eye cleared up in just 2 hours!!! Again always put in both eyes. If ever your feeling under the weather you can place a dropper full of liquid in your mouth, let sit for a couple of secs before swallowing. It's a wonderful immune booster and great for sore throats!!

During this cold season I was on the hunt for a disinfectant, something so that if I caught a cold or my hubby did, we wouldn't pass it on to Lewis. So here are a few tricks at keeping the air, and sheets clean of germs!!
I make a little concauction of tee tree, lavender, silver collodial, and steralized water. Put 5 drops of each essential oil , 10  drops of the silver stuff in a spay bottle and fill the rest up with sterilized water. I use this spray to clear up the room, refresh the sheets and just give that soothing  home smell... clean and relaxing all in one! ( if you find the scent too strong put a few less drops) * recently I started adding thyme oil as it's a decongestant and it smells oh so good!

You all now know how much i love my mabu cloths, if not view blog on "you know you need a vacation when..."

White clay is the next multipurpose thing I love. I've used it on rashes, mosquito bites (remember girls!!!)
as a mask, on burns. almost anything you want to remove inflammation from.  I've even used it as butt powder! (talc is sooooooooooooooo bad for babies). You can get some in most health food stores different clays for different properties, white , green, I personally love this white one for now and I'll let you know on the others when I try them. Basically add a little water mix into a paste and apply to affected area.

Probiotics for baby, I've used this often especially because Lewis was a c-section baby, he got none of the bacterias that babies delivered vaginally get, the good stuff that builds their immune system. So he took them from the very beginning and now whenever he has the runs or is not feeling 100% I give him some to bring him back to the amazing baby he is! Great stuff for the whole family!!!

Thanks to a good ol' friend of mine,(the kind that is always present in your life),  I drink coconut water almost every morning.   It gives me energy refreshes and hydrates all at the same time, really a miracle product.  I am soooo glad she introduced me to it ! (Thanks sandr!!!)  Along with the coconut water there is the oil, which makes a great cooking oil, but a better body lotion!!!! Again something super natural you can put on your baby and you of course, I leave a big pot of it in the shower so when I'm done, still kinda dripping wet, I put some all over then pat dry and voila soft moisturized skin with a hint of the Caribbean to lift your spirits-man! LOL
I just read an article on how good coconut products are for you. To take internally and topically.

BIO93 from Dr. RECKWEG homeopathic  drops to build up the immune system, just a few drops a day especially in the winter is a miracle saver. Safe for both adults and children!

Thats  it for now i think it's enough info to absorb and sort through, if I think of anything else I will add on to this and pls feel free to ask, sometimes some things slip my mind!!!!

                                          hope some of this helps,


  1. Great Info!!!!! ADORABLE picture!!!!!xoxoxooxoxox

  2. i forgot to mention shea butter.
    a fantastic moisturizer it also has a natural spf factor of 15 so great for babies , as some sort of sun protection!