Monday, January 31, 2011

Lets get angry!!!

So many topics come up on a regular basis, and this one is one of my favs. The only thing is I'm so passionate about it that I've had to sort of repress my feelings and beliefs  for fear of being the health Nazi! 
I can't help it, once I started researching foods, chemicals, and procedures,  it was only a matter of time that I went ORGANIC.

That famous word..... somehow  today it seems to be used to describe one too many things! What is the real meaning behind this crisp, clear word?   What does ORGANIC really mean?
Well here it is :
ORGANIC is no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.   No antibiotics, genetic engineering,  or irradiation, and my personal favorite, NO use of sewage sludge as fertilizer. 
ALL organic meats are 100% organic fed, free of growth hormones, and animal by-products. 
Btw GMO or genetically engineered  foods are PROHIBITED in some countries but not in Canada! AND we don't know what is or isn't modified, but trust me when i tell you that through my research i have learned at most foods are!!! 
take a look at the chart scroll down there is a looong list of foods:

Why is this allowed???  $$$$ money I guess.  Yes our grocery stores are filled with  these foods.  The ones we buy to nourish our families, so they may grow healthy,  make any sense? NO- but it's because most people are not aware and I don't blame them, who tells us that water in  plastic bottles is harmful? Really, where do you hear that cheddar cheese is really NOT orange , that it's the same chemical dye they use  to  preserve dried apricots. They don't mention that those small carrots you buy cleaned are eroded in acid to help shape them.  No one tells you that the meat you get on sale, has been fed animal by products and cement.  The government won't tell you that it radiates our fruits and vegetables so their shelf life is extended, and at the same time they consume the excess radiation they have sitting in huge barrels. 
Ever wonder about milk? How many cows should there be to supply ALL the stores you can purchase milk in!!!!  Really think about it for a sec.  Supermarkets,  gas stations,  walmarts,  local stores, even pharmacies!!!
Just how many cows does it take? Not  that many, they just pump them with hormones so they produce milk faster so they may meet the demand..... then those hormones get transfered to us,  remember 
"milk- does the body good".  
What part?  See why I can't get on this topic.....???
Really  all I'm trying to say without sounding like a total freak,  is know what you are buying, and if you don't read labels -start, and if you can't read it- don't eat it!!!!  If not for you,  for your babies.
So the next time you find cantaloupes or tomatoes or that flank steak on sale, wonder for a minute why so cheap?

Eye opener ?


  1. AMAZING POST Laura!!! It's got the wheels running in my brain! Eye opener indeed!!! Thanks Mommy On Line:)!!!! Those blue eyes make the world that much sunnier!!!!! I love you Lewis!!!!!xoxooxoxoxox

  2. in my husband's words,"we can't change the world but only change what we do."
    he's right i really did not mean to offend just to inform as always.

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