Tuesday, March 8, 2011

nine months

Crazy how it really flys by!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone said it would.MY LITTLE MAN IS 9 months .....  Nine months ago on that sunny afternoon my gorgeous little bugger was born!!!! Seems like light years ago... I've been watching him for the last nine months , day to day, grow and discover new things... from his self discovery of hands, feet, to his first smile, that first giggle!!!! And now to the discovery of his penis!!!  yes can you believe it!! Crazy how quickly they learn!!!! I love his quirky ways... so bright , curious ready to learn... He`s fabulous!!! 
What a job being a mom, nothing can prepare you for this. It's life altering!
Lucky for me, I have a couple of new moms to relate with , exchange info and over all learn together... it's the tribe from long ago, we moms we stick together. THANK GOD FOR WOMEN!!! Really it's impossible to know everything and sometimes an opinion from a clear, rested mind is exactly what is needed.  I also have soon to be moms!!!! So excited for them ( girls you know who you are!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!Spring babies are great!!! They come at the perfect time, weather wise. By the time you rest up,  get your emotions under control , get a grip on the whole mommy thing you can put the baby in the stroller and go for nice walks in the warm sun.  Amazing.
For now i'm wondering when these cozy days will turn into the smell of spring? We're March already and I've had my share of colds and the flu and really one more time I see Lewis's nose leak i'm gonna loose it!!! 
Then again with all that's going on in Japan and what Mother Nature is capable of, with all the devastation I feel ridiculous even writing this.  
but i wouldn't be a true montrealer if i didn't complain about the weather!!!LOL
All this to say that soon spring will be hear and with that comes summer close behind and before i know it i'll be writing how he just turned ONE!!!!
wow, it's going so fast... let me go stare at him sleep for awhile.

nighty night


  1. How cute is this picture?!!!! What a handsome "little" fellow:)!!!! I think we're all with you on the spring thing Laura! Yes! We all want that smell of spring even Lewis;)! Part of the longing for it I think, helps us to appreciate and enjoy it when it does finally arrive!!! Looking forward to joining you in some walks! Love you!xoxoxoxoxoxo!!! HONEY!!!!!!;)!

  2. btw was out walking pretty late today looked at my watch and noticed it was 6:55 and it was still light out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!! spring has sprung!!!