Saturday, December 10, 2011


Winter weather is havoc for skin especially sensitive skin like little Lewis's. So we protect, nourish , and moisturize all the time especially in the winter. We love to be outdoors so I'm always extra careful, and with the extra warm/hot baths we take this time of year it's easy to dry up our skin. My remedy has always been and will always be ARGAN oil. .
( It's got  amazing health benefits too when ingested but i'll save that for another blog!)  
 I've been using an amazing product for years now that I was very happy to share with Lewis when he was born.  He had a few patches of eczema on his legs that quickly went away with this miracle liquid.   100% PURE and NOTHING else... You heard me , one hundred percent ORGANIC ARGAN OIL and that's it !!!  I  wouldn't trust anything else on my newborn's skin.  I don't know how these so called baby company's can manufacture "baby " products using chemicals that are toxic .
I really don't understand the concept behind all this. I feel like I have to be informed and on top of things all the time.  The other day a friend posted a comment that  inspired this blog ( thanks nanc-)  it said,
"don't believe everything you read"....
and that's exactly the way I see it.   JUST because they say it's a BABY product doesn't mean it's good for baby's ( I know this doesn't make sense for some of you, but once you start looking at things more closely you'll understand what I mean)
Now this goes for all things not just baby products, one of the reasons I stopped using facial moisturizers, among other things.  I won't list them all, I am an extremist when it comes to natural foods  and products so the list will be long .   But this is my interest, for some it's fashion, some it's decorating, some it's toys, electronics, cars, my money is spent on the most natural foods and  products I could find.
Well this is  the only moisturizer I trust to put on my skin and Lewis's! It brings life to any complexion, it's great on the whole body,  even throughout winter's toughest months is soothes and nourishes the skin.
 We love it !

Ready to glow?


  1. Yes!! Argan is amazing!!! Have to be careful about those that aren't 100% natural! Resana is the best one I have ever tried!! Great post and gorgeous pic!!

  2. lewis is soooo cute! my son's skin gets really dry during the winter time, so i make sure he is properly moisturized.

  3. THANK YOU ladies!!!My little man!