Monday, June 13, 2011


"how did you ween your daughter off the breast?
lewis is now one , i know crazy, and he stopped taking the breast during the day for the most part, but a night still wakes every 2 hours .  any advice, and one more thing did you ever let her "cry it out" i'm finding this one hard to even consider but thats what a few moms have told me about!
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This is a question I asked one of my oldest and dearest friends who mommies like I do. I know we're on the same wave length when it comes to most things so I e-mailed her one night in the midst of yet another new mommy crisis, here was her tear jerking reply. I cried!!! I bet we all wished our moms were like this, I'm sure there will not be one inch of insecurity in Maya she's got a super MOM!!!
Thanks sandr, for letting me share your words of wisdom!!!!

her reply:

"hey lor... i've never let her cry it out... i know the modern thing to do is to let them "cry it out", but my natural instinct was always to just go to her... i know a lot of books will say that but there also books that believe if babies are crying and want you or need to be rocked - then so be it, it's for a reason - they want to be with you period... there is no such thing as spoiling a child too much in that respect - in my opinion. so what if he falls asleep in ur arms... or in ur bed.. etc............. he won't want that forever... trust me - maya is a big girl now :) ...... they are small once. 
there's an older lady that works with me (her son is like 26 now)...  she would let her son cry it out and regrets it big time - never having put her son to bed (and staying with him) or bringing him into her own bed.... 

as for weening her off the boob.. i basically had a conversation with her... she was 2 and 10 months so it was easier for her to understand at that point.. i never used the old "ur a big girl now"..  i basically told her that my boobies were sore (BUT i made sure she understand that it wasn't her doing - v important) ... and that we had to stop. she cried a little at night and at nap time.. but i held her ,and rocked her and kissed her till she fell asleep.. and by the 3rd night she had forgotten all about it!! amazing! she never asked to nurse after that ever again. i would put her to bed and rub her back till she fell asleep! i still do :) we're always on the go.. busy with with school and work so i make sure that bedtime is special and full of love and kisses, and massages. i get in bed with her till she sleeps :) do what's right for you.. what ur gut tells you.. forget books.. forget people... pretend ur a cavewoman with no access to books or internet ;) instinct will kick in.. hehe..

mwaaaaah!! hope this helps!!!!!!! :)))))"

I hope these words help you as much as they helped me they knocked sense into my over tired head!!!!

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 how could you not rush over with this face!?

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  1. OMG! Laura! This is so beautiful! I agree with Sandra's cave woman advice! Your kid- Your gut= success!!! LOVED READING THIS thanks for sharing!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxo P.S with a face like that you want to give him EVERYTHING!!!!