Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Toddler-Ville, It's A Whole New Ball Game!!!!

In a matter of days Lewis went from barely crawling backwards to crawling and now climbing and standing on his own!!!! With the help of some foreign objects around the home he's been able to grip on and pull himself up! Now when he gets up from a nap I go in to find him standing up in his crib looking at the door. Wow it's all so fast right now OH and his tooth!!!!!!! It's out,  the left one at the bottom and not to far behind is the right one you see it trying to poke through!!!!
My baby is no longer a baby he's entering a whole new phase toddler-ville, I can't just put him down somewhere and come back to find him there. Right now there is no leaving him,  not for one second!!!!
 He is everywhere and loving it.  Everything is a discovery, he's making me discover things too!  Like not leaving anything just lying around!!! I have to vacuum and clean up daily so he won't pick up crumbs and eat them right off the floor!!!  makes for a really neat home! LOL yeah right, anyone know a good cleaning lady????  MY amazing sisters came by to help do just that CLEAN . spring cleaning..... feels so good to say it even type it and maybe the first 2 hours do it, but now after 5 hours boy i really don't feel anything anymore!!! maybe just a little delirious!  Any how a bulk part is done and having Lewis crawling around it really hard to keep things the way they were baby proofing was top priority. move plants out of the way get rid of the prickly ones( thanks di!!) and just make everything a little more child friendly. I would not have been able to do it without their help! Mommies don't ever be afraid to ask for help. weather it be food or to have some one watch the baby while you sleep just ask.... most of your family will gladly help out especially at the very beginning....and well when they become mom's you can repay the favor.  For my new mom friends , i know you won't be reading this... boy i remember the beginning, CONGRATZ!!!! welcome LIAM! welcome TESSIA!  Lewis has 2 new friends!!!   So exciting!   mommies rock!  enjoy before you know it they'll be 10 months too!!!!

signing off
have a super night

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