Saturday, February 12, 2011

winter is almost over and i can see light!

Lets be honest here, I thought it would be harder. A lot harder to entertain Lewis in the winter.  At least he isn't walking yet!!!! This  time winter really forced me to get creative and to get out more (cabin fever anyone?) I definitely made it a point to take walks everyday, (except on -30 days), but up to -20 we could hack it. I have a nice long coat and accessories and well Lewis is pimp'n with his 7 A.M. ENFANT   sleeping bag!!! escuse' moi !
Worth every penny I might add!!!(thanks zia) so he's nice and toasty and I'm definitely warm pulling a sweat pushing the stroller through the snow. The snow covered sidewalks will rock any baby to sleep! It's instantaneous!

Well the walks kill most of our afternoons, we come in from the walk snack change diaper, laugh,  play,  eat dinner, change diaper, laugh , play, and before you know it,  it's bed time!!! So we do our thing,  give him a little bit of cereal ( in the hopes one night he'll sleep longer) then we play a relaxing cd, I give Lewis a nice massage, clean pj's, the boob, and off to beddy bye!!! Usually there is a playful back and forth and finally he begins to rub his eyes and with a little more milk he's asleep.

What about the mornings you say, well you get creative, especially at 7 am.
(at least it's not dark out anymore!!!!!!!!!!)  We model, well Lewis does while I snap away.  I laugh and most times he crys!!!! LOL 

Here are just a few :

enjoying it!
getting pissed...
pissed off!





Get creative!
Have some fun!
Beat winter blues with
plenty of vitamin D and plenty of laughter!!!!


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  1. He makes a PERFECT model!!! And of corse he'll have his "mood shifts" dosen't every model?!!!
    Great ideas to get creative! Winters can be cold and long but finding amazing ways to enjoy the days best you can is the easy way to deal with our canadian winters!!! Great post Laura!!! LOVE the pics!!!
    Luv and Light to you, Lewis and Joey!!!xoxoxoxoxooxox